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Artists Activities

Mending Spirit supports local artists in bringing their work to the community. We partner with artists to help them create their own artist activity unique to their medium and the healing work they would like to cultivate in the world. We then connect our artists to local sites is a variety of care modalities . This gives the artist the opportunity to work with the community to which they are most called. Mending Spirit is proud to support our local artists to do this work in a variety of ways including artist fees, art supplies, curriculum planning and community connections. We cultivate and train artists to work with us and along side us. We support musicians, painters, poets, and artists of any kind by giving them an opportunity to bring their art to facilities were people are in need and where they can be of service.

Stems by Meredith

Our flower artist creates arrangements and leads activities designed to give participants a moment of beauty, nature and community.

Working with flowers, while taking time to interact with shape, color and design, can change how a person is feeling. The activity of creating with flowers, or even just receiving a gift of flowers, when one lives under profound stress and separation from nature, can create a feeling of peace and gratitude.

Painting with a Healing Purpose

Painting With a Healing Purpose is an activity which provides individuals the opportunity to make their own healing Window Painting, or to collaborate in creating one for someone else. We guide the process, provide the materials and celebrate the results.


From One of our Musicians: "My experience was that bringing (them) music, it wasn’t just healing for them, it was healing for me as well.”

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