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These pieces were created in collaboration with the groups of people we serve, and have been permanently installed at our sites. 



Soon after beginning the work of Mending Spirit, D'vorah was leading a Painting With a Healing Purpose activity at a nursing home. Some people kept their pieces, but for many of the residents, it was an experiential project. D'vorah was inspired by one man's focus and perseverance as he centered his brush on the thin piece of plexiglass. She took the piece home, and it was the beginning of her first collaborative Healing Window Painting.

Abington Friends School Collaboration and Permament Installation at Hopkins Center, 2019

Drueding Center Collaboration and Permanent Installation, 2017

North Light Community Center Collaboration and Permanent Installation, 2016

Abington Friends School Collaboration at Hopkins Center, 2016

Wesley-Stapley Collaboration 2016