Your donation does more than fund the physical supplies for this work. It is part of our mission to support our artists financially in order to foster a community of artists in service. A sustainable culture of artists for healing allows the vision of Mending Spirit to ripple outward into our larger community– but we can’t do it without you.

We have been able to successfully bring our work to over 30 locations since our start in 2014. Currently Mending Spirit is raising funds to support the following projects during 2020:


  • We have a goal of working with a local Public School to create collaborative pieces with their 7th  and 8th grade students. These students have no art program so we will also be teaching them essential art making skills. When completed the students will place their work in a local institution of their choice, learning to pay it forward and support their community. This is an expensive project and we need a minimum of $7,000 to make this happen for the 2020 -2021 school year. 

  • Currently we have placed 15 original collaborations into a nursing home facility and into the rooms of residents. We have 40 more rooms to fill. Each window costs $300-$500 to supply, plan create and install. 

  • Bringing in local and touring musicians to perform and engage creatively in our sites, and paying them for their work

  • .Creating with flowers to make collaborative bouquets adding beauty and color through nature with our Floral artist. The cost runs at $300 per site. 

  • We will bring Fig Tree Stories: Elder Tales to a third location in 2020. We have written a curriculum with educators to engage teens with elders in senior care and nursing facilities. The elders write memoirs and share their wisdom with the teens. This purposeful storytelling leaves something beautiful behind (©2017 Mending Spirit).

  • Continuing to place exhibitions of 64 Healing Window Paintings in shelters, recovery programs, soup kitchens, schools, courthouses, chemotherapy infusion suites, hospice care for the homeless, and skilled nursing care facilities. With the right funding, we are planning to make permanent collaborative paintings with each of these groups for them to keep in their windows after the exhibits.


With help from donations and volunteers, we can reach out to more artists and more facilities, making art for healing widespread in the world.

For more information email us or check out the link to our videos.