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Your donation does more than fund the physical supplies for this work. It is part of our mission to support our artists financially in order to foster a community of artists in service. A sustainable culture of artists for healing allows the vision of Mending Spirit to ripple outward into our larger community– but we can’t do it without you.


What We Do

Mending Spirit is a group that brings art, artists, and art activities to the places where the spirit needs mending. We believe that even the smallest difference created in a day or in an environment can have effects that ripple out and touch many. The experience of art interrupts endless stress, captures the heart and mind in moments of positive experience. 

Over the past two years, Mending Spirit has been bringing art to the places that need it most. Now that we are able to re-enter the spaces where we do our work, there is more need for art, beauty, and joy than ever before. AND ART HEALS!

Healing Window Paintings

In 2021, we brought paintings to Hopkins Center to install permanently in every resident's room!


Through the work of so many artists of all ages in our community, we were able to drastically change the space where the residents of Hopkins Center live, day in and day out. Our installation was also a moment of connection between us and the residents--many of whom do not see anyone outside of the facility.


We are thrilled to announce that we will have another permanent installation s at Hillcrest Center! Our Healing Window Paintings exhibit was installed there. Then, the pandemic began! The paintings stayed for nearly two years. It made such a difference in their space. Now we plan to put a in permanent installation of over 60 paintings into resident's rooms and public spaces.


Fig Tree Stories

We also have continued and are still working on growing our Fig Tree Stories: Elder Tales program. This program pairs elders with high school writing students to share the wisdom they have gained from their extraordinary lives.

Support Art That Heals!

With your help this year, we will do more of what we do best.

Bring art to the places that need it most to infuse them with light, color, and joy.

Show up in facilities and connect with people who are often forgotten.

Engage artists in a healing creative practice that serves their community.


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