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Healing Window Paintings

Healing Window Paintings are created with the conscious intention of being a source for healing. They are painted on clear plastic with transparent and translucent paint, and are placed on windows where their colors glow on grey days, and cascade into the interior spaces like stained glass when the sun comes through. The work aides healing by bringing many qualities of color into environments where all involved are working to keep their spirit intact, alive and strong.

Healing Window Painting Exhibits

Currently we have a collection of over 60 Healing Window Paintings which we share by placing them in locations in a temporary exhibit, free of any charge. The exhibit is designed by our artist D’vorah Horn in coordination with the site and remains in place for as long as 4 months. The paintings are created on clear plastic to enable them to be safely placed in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, senior living communities, public buildings, private settings, etc. They can be directly placed on a windowpane, or easily suspended in front of any window. We have been able to place this exhibit in communal areas, physical therapy rooms, and resident rooms, filling the location with color and beauty that is comforting and engaging.

Healing Window Painting Permanent Installations and Collaborations

We have been able to design pieces of art specific to a site and have installed over 20 paintings permanently around the Philadelphia area. In addition we have created collaborations with several sites where residents, clients, staff and volunteers paint together with our artist to respond to the needs of the institution. Engaging in a co-creative process, we leave behind art that speaks specifically to the community. Healing window Paintings can also be purchased by any of the locations we serve and become part of their sites permanently.

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