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Mending Spirit is hiring an assistant!

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Mending Spirit: Art for Healing–Assistant

Mending Spirit is a sponsored non-profit which works to bring art, artists, and art activities to places where the spirit needs mending. Our work specifically focuses on nursing and long-term care, and building community connections between our elders and school-aged children. Learn more about what we do here.

We are hiring an administrative assistant to support all parts of the mission of Mending Spirit. This position has flexible hours and typically works 4-6 hours a week, and is extremely key to the functioning of our organization. The current compensation is $17/hour.

All of the below tasks and projects are done in close collaboration and under the supervision of our Director.

Key duties include:

Social Media and Communication:

-Managing our Instagram and Facebook by scheduling regular posts about the organization and what we are up to and responding to comments as needed.

-Sending quarterly updates on our activities via Mailchimp.

-Planning, strategizing, and implementing fundraising campaigns annually or bi-annually in collaboration with the director (including writing and sending letters and postcards, creating videos, and increased social media posting.)

-Creating visually appealing digital and print marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and postcards.

-Writing and sending occasional press releases.

-Reaching out to institutions and programs to find locations and collaborators for our projects and programs.

HR, Accounting, and Administrative

-With our director, inputting our expenses and income into Quickbooks monthly

-Maintaining budgetary and spending information for our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.

-Completing any necessary reports for Fractured Atlas and communicating with their fundraising and IT teams as needed.

-Keeping track of program planning and contacts.

-Managing our general email address inbox.

-Coordinating with volunteers and contract employees on programs and projects

-Completing the hiring process for contracted collaborating artists and staff.

Strategy and Mission

-Along with our Director and advisory boards, planning and strategizing about programming, activities, and vision for the organization.

-Engaging in discussions about the direction of the organization and evaluating programs and efforts with the existing mission.

-With the Director, creating the budget for each year.

-Supporting the mission by maintaining a general interest in art, art for healing, elder care, storytelling, community building, or whatever part of our work you most connect with.

Art Organization and Installation

-Maintaining and creating organizational systems for our Healing Window Paintings collection, a traveling exhibit of paintings.

-Assisting with planning art installations of our traveling exhibit as well as permanent exhibits.

-Assisting with the physical installation of exhibits.

The right person for this job does not necessarily need to have experience in all of the above skills, but should be willing to learn and experiment! We are mainly looking for someone with great organization skills and attention to detail who is creative, has interest in the work, and is comfortable working with the diverse group of people we serve.

Email a resume and brief statement of interest to to apply!

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