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Remembering Mr. Jackson

Earlier this week, we learned our friend Andrew Jackson, who worked with us during our second Fig Tree Stories, passed away. We feel so lucky to have met him, learned from him, and experienced his musical talent, which you can see in the above video. He inspired the high school students from AFS who came to hear and write his story, and he inspired us.

On Monday, February 17th, residents at Hopkins Center gathered to celebrate the life of Mr. Andrew Jackson. In his memory, we enjoyed a New Orleans-style performance by musicians Eric Sherman and Dan Samuels.

From Mr. Jackson's Fig Tree Story: “We want to thank Andrew for all the advice he has given us, because he has helped influence our lives in a way that we had not thought possible. Andrew is a strong person, a fighter, and a talented rapper. Even with all of the disappointment and wrong choices Andrew made in his life, he is still able to put a smile on his face, be energetic, and make others laugh.”

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