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Stems By Meredith

Almost 10 years ago my health deteriorated rapidly and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a painful and debilitating autoimmune disease that affects your stomach. While dealing with the worst parts of this disease I spent many days and weeks and months stuck in the hospital battling for my health wishing I could be anywhere else.


Thankfully with incredible support from friends and family I recovered. Along the way I realized it was the small acts of kindness from people that kept me going. After getting healthy I was grateful to find a career as a florist that inspired me as an artist and allowed me to work with beauty and nature!

When I started my business, Stems By Meredith, I knew I wanted to have some aspect of it that was about giving back to people that were like me. Stuck in lonely places in need of community, beauty, and connection. 

To do this I partnered with a Mending Spirit and brought my flower art and art activities to nursing homes, schools, hospitals, shelters and community centers in Philadelphia.


With Mending Spirit's help I started hosting flower arranging art activities in many of these difficult places in my community. With flowers and supplies donated by Stems By Meredith I help residents create a flower arrangement that is theirs to keep. I love being able to connect with people, brighten their day with beautiful flowers, and share my art. Small acts of kindness that hopefully keep people going in difficult places. 

Also in an effort to be kinder to the environment, cut down on waste and share even more beauty with those that need it I repurpose flowers after they have been used at my weddings and events and donate them as well! I use the leftover flowers and remake them into bouquets to be given as gifts to women at a shelter or for residents that can't leave their rooms in nursing homes. Hopefully a small reminder that they are not forgotten.

I am so grateful to have found a way to utilize my business to give back. Thank you for supporting Stems and this work that is so important to me!

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