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Current and Upcoming Projects 

  • In January 2023, we will begin Fig Tree Stories: Elder Tales, with 28 ninth graders and 9 elders at a long-term care facility. This is our fifth iteration of this project, and our first one with ninth graders. We are very excited! We had plans to start in November, however Covid cases in those facilities were at a high, and we have had to delay, but we are thrilled to move forward next semester! 

  • Beginning in December, sixteen high school art students will begin painting a collaborative Healing Window Installation, consisting of 16 interrelated panels, which will be permanently installed in a long-term care facility. 

  • Plans are moving ahead for an exhibit of our 64 Healing Window Paintings we have in our collection sometime this winter. 

  • In the Spring, we will be returning to a few classrooms in the Philadelphia School System to teach stand alone lessons on Art for Healing. 

  • We are working on a pilot to bring individual visual artists into long-term care facilities with their own projects, to train them in this process, support them with mentorship, and pay them.  This has been a long-term goal of Mending Spirit and is one of the ways we are most excited to expand our reach in Art for Healing. 

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